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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Naples Daily News: Columnists
Jay Ambrose: A deceptive acceptance speech
By JAY AMBROSE, Scripps Howard News Service
July 31, 2004

"Perhaps no sentences in John Kerry's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention were more indicative of his willingness to play the role of know-nothing demagogue than the ones that said, "As president, I will not privatize Social Security. I will not cut benefits."

What will he do then? Let the crisis arrive so that this one program will flatten the federal budget, thus necessitating either a drastic cut in benefits, a drastic hike in taxes, unaffordable deficits or some dreadful combination of all three?---"

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

"---From Kerry down, Dems raked Bush over the coals for his 9/11 responses.

But Giuliani — who, unlike Spitzer, can speak with authority about that day — was having none of the AG's mischief.

Pointing to the Democrats' princely treatment of Moore for his propaganda film on 9/11 and Bush's response, Giuliani said the Dems "can't have it both ways."

Said Gotham's former mayor: "You can't be embracing a man who has done a propaganda movie viciously attacking the president over Sept. 11, 2001, making him a rock star at your convention, letting him sit in what amounts to the presidential box, and then say, 'Well, Republicans, you can't talk about Sept. 11.'

"It just doesn't fly."---"

God bless America
Toronto Sun, by MICHAEL COREN

Original Article

Posted By:appeaser, 7/31/2004 12:20:34 PM

"Enough U.S. bashing, says Michael Coren -- for all of its faults, our great southern neighbour still deserves our heartfelt gratitude and support... Shortly after the mass murder of September 11, 2001, I wrote a column about the United States. I said then that I'd never been a particular fan of many of the foreign and domestic policies of the U.S., and I have no reason to change my mind now. "

How Dems delude themselves

"---Democratic Party partisans appreciate this stuff -- a stageful of Swifties, the war-wounded Max Cleland, "we band of brothers, a little older, a little grayer" -- but they appreciate it mainly as a post-modern jest, a way of sticking it to the GOP. To anybody else, including those sought-after "swing voters" in "battleground states," it's starting to sound a little weird. John Kerry says he's running on his record, but, of his four decades of adult life, he's running on his four months in Vietnam. Of the other 39 years and eight months, there's nary a word.---"

Reply 10 - Posted by: Eldorado431, 7/31/2004 7:59:31 AM

"President Bush has the Best help any President ever had with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and The Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry. This Brave Men are exposing John Kerry for the Traitor that he is. I suggest you all log on to those Sites. John Kerry was Protesting the Vietnam War while Brave Troops were still there Fighting and Dying. I Hope the Mainstream Press does not allow Kerry to get a pass on that Fact. Thanks for my Say."

Overlawyered: Second Hand Smoke:

"---A better analogy of second hand smoke would be perfume. As crazy as this may sound, I have never had to admit someone for an exacerbation of their asthma or emphysema because their neighbor or a relative was smoking outside on their porch. But, I have had to admit patients whose asthma or emphysema was aggravated by perfume or incense. So where do we draw the line? If the smoker commits assault with his second hand smoke, then so, too, do the heavily perfumed with their Chanel No. 5."

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Overlawyered: Pennsylvania Reform Roadblocked: "July 31, 2004
Pennsylvania Reform Roadblocked

"Doctors in Pennyslvania had high hopes for the possibility of caps on non-economic damages in their state. They had managed to get a bill for an amendement to the state constitution that would allow the caps, only to see it killed in committee by opponents of tort reform. Evidently, the legislators don't want to take the issue to the people, who would have had to vote on the amendment. Will they be willing to answer to the consequences of their inaction? Young doctors already view Pennsylvania as a state to avoid :
In 2003, only 17% of residents who trained in Pennsylvania stayed there, according to the Pennsylvania Medical Society. The state had a net loss of 507 physicians from 2002 to 2003, and it dropped into the bottom 10 states for the number of young physicians in the state, PMS data show."

Posted by MedPundit at July 31, 2004 09:29 AM | TrackBack "

Let's Cap the Damage to the Constitution:

"---Not every national problem is a federal problem. State legislators, courts, doctors, and their patients are not powerless. More than three dozen states have passed damage caps. All 50 states have passed, or are considering, various tort reform proposals.

Mississippi is a case in point. Two years ago, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce warned its members to avoid Mississippi's 'jackpot justice.' Doctors fled or quit, 71 insurance companies pulled out, and the state lost an $800 million bid for a Toyota plant after company executives wrote that 'the litigation climate ... is unfavorable.' The result: a new law, effective September 1, that caps pain-and-suffering, medical malpractice, and punitive damages. There's even a provision to rein in 'forum shopping,' a favorite tactic of the trial lawyers. Plaintiffs in Mississippi will have to file suit only in the county where they live or where an injury occurred. Not bad for a state that became infamous as a 'judicial hellhole.'---"

Jay Nordlinger's Impromptus on National Review Online

"---al Qaeda has vowed a war of destruction against America. They've already killed 3,000 of us.

And John Edwards — Democrat though he is — vows, "We will destroy you."

Whoop-de-doo. I mean, isn't this the least that can be expected of those who ask for power in America (al Qaeda's target)? But Democrats have become so untrustworthy when it comes to protecting the country, we all wet ourselves when one of them says, "Yes, I agree we should be protected.---"

Fr. Robert A. Sirico on Trial Lawyers and Personal Responsibility on National Review Online
July 29, 2004, 12:01 a.m.
Liability Matters
Trial lawyers undermine personal responsibility — the basis of our liberty.

By Fr. Robert A. Sirico

"Why does it matter that John Edwards has spent his career as a trial lawyer who raids deep pockets on behalf of complainants? It makes him a lifetime participant in one of the most destructive of American pastimes: litigation.---"

Tim Graham on the Democratic Convention and Media Coverage on National Review Online:

"1. Liberal Labeling. Almost every speaker demanded that health care be seen as a 'right,' not an economic good. That means that if I'm unhealthy, I have the right to bankrupt you and the rest of American taxpayers. If that notion is not seriously socialistic, then what is? This is exactly where Hillary's plan lost an axle in 1994.---"

Tim Graham on the Democratic Convention and Media Coverage on National Review Online:

"Let's look at the big picture. How did the media perform? Like trained seals. Next month, they'll probably look like the violent end of the Siegfried and Roy act.

Ever since John Kerry sewed up the Democratic nomination, the TV networks have taken the fact that Kerry is the second-most-likely man to be president not by scrutinizing him, but by forming a cordon sanitaire to protect him from Republican harm. When Kerry's strategists decided to bury him under a national-TV rock, the networks gladly obliged, and so spent week after week pounding away at the president.

At the week's beginning, the country might have expected that it was now time for Kerry to step into the spotlight and be subject to some tough-minded evaluation. Sadly, the country would have been wrong to expect it. Let's detail some examples of the media's supine spin for Kerry, Kennedy, Cahill, and Company---"

Michael Novak on the Democrats and George Bush on National Review Online
July 30, 2004, 8:29 a.m.
Why the Dems Will Lose
And why they’ll be disconsolate.

"You know how Democrats hate Bush now? How will they hate him when they lose to him on November 2 by three or four percentage points?

One of the political commentators I admire most for his astuteness said yesterday that the paroxysm of hatred the Democrats have been indulging for the last six months is the worst American political delusion he has seen in his entire life.

What will it be like — if after all this hatred, all this effort, all those millions upon millions of dollars spent to express disdain, contempt, and hate — Bush wins again, flashes a victory symbol over his head, grins, strides around shaking hands, glows with exuberance and radiance?---"

Rich Lowry on Democratic Convention & John Kerry on National Review Online
July 30, 2004, 12:29 p.m.
All Talk
We didn’t get much from Kerry’s acceptance speech.

"Boston, Mass. — The debate has now been settled: John Kerry definitely served in Vietnam.

That was a major point of the Democratic Convention and of Kerry's acceptance speech. This must be one of the great acts of chutzpah of all time: The party that made national politics safe for Vietnam draft avoiders in 1992 now considers Vietnam service arguably the foremost qualification for the presidency. But, hey, the Democrats are now the party of militaristic display and cultural conservatism.---

"In Boston, Democrats mastered the art of positive negativity. They professed their deep yearning for national unity at the same time as they denounced the president as a reckless liar. But who needs coherence or internal consistency when John Kerry served in Vietnam?"

Ryan Zempel: Convention diary: Where have all the conservatives gone?
Ryan Zempel
July 31, 2004

"I spent the week at the Democratic convention seeking to discover whether any of the party's conservatives had made it to Boston. As far as I could determine, the answer was no.---"

Charles Mitchell: Yes, I Gave Michael Moore Money

"---Michael Moore, clown that he is, has a cult-like following on campuses. People my age who see his garbage, either of their own avail or (sorry to say) in class, happen to be part of the least politically engaged demographic – so they may not have heard the arguments of those who disagree with Moore. We need to address this issue before we write off Moore as simply “preaching to the choir.”

Yes, Michael Moore and his movie have nothing to add to an intelligent discussion of current events. But teaching the politically apathetic – particularly on campus – why that’s the case is definitely worthwhile. The Bucknell Conservatives plan to do our part. What about you?"

Doug Giles: Pastors, Priests and Politics Part IIIPastors, Priests and Politics Part III
Doug Giles

July 31, 2004

"Here are the final four reasons why I believe pastors and priests shy away from politics.---"

Part one and two.

Missing the Party: "Missing the Party
Some Democrats are skipping the convention this week and distancing themselves from the national ticket.
by Rachel DiCarlo
07/27/2004 12:50:00 PM

"EVERY DAY, Washington Republicans batter Democratic candidates with accusations that they're aligned with the high-profile liberals of their party like Massachusetts senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry and New York senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In more conservative states across the South and Midwest the image of their Democrats sharing a stage and posing for pictures with these types doesn't usually sit well with voters. This year a number of candidates have opted to distance themselves their party's presidential candidate, John Kerry, by staying home from the convention or refusing to associate with the national ticket.---"

The Thin Man:

"---What Edwards is most associated with is the idea of 'two Americas,' one rich and privileged, the other stuck with second-class schools and health care and subsistence-level jobs. But he gives no evidence of having thought this idea through. In fact,
his own biography undermines the very notion of two Americas. Edwards rose from humble origins, the son of a mill worker, to become a skilled and wealthy trial lawyer. He says 'everything is possible' in America, oblivious to how this statement contradicts his theme of two Americas.

Indeed, practically everything is possible. Tens of millions of Americans have risen from the lower rungs economically to achieve remarkable success. Like Edwards, they weren't locked in a lesser America. Opportunity is everywhere. Bill Clinton seized it in Arkansas. Barak Obama, the black state senator who delivered the keynote address at the convention and is all but certain to win a U.S. Senate seat this fall, grabbed it in Illinois.

Edwards doesn't understand--or chooses to ignore--that America is an extraordinarily mobile society. People move from job to job, usually for higher pay and more satisfying work. They start businesses. Those in the bottom fifth of the economy routinely soar to the top fifth in a few years. Social mobility is the name of the game. It's a more rough-and-tumble sort of capitalism than exists in Europe, but it works to produce amazing wealth.---"

A Party of Hope?:
"A Party of Hope?
Not last night.
by David Skinner
07/29/2004 3:00:00 PM

"THE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION has not been unified by single policy or campaign promise. ,hey talk of hope and the like, but they don't deliver. It's been more or less a parade of Democratic stand-bys from Jimmy Carter to Bill Clinton to Al Sharpton, each in turn giving their spiel. And last night at the convention, we had Sharpton and John Edwards.

The New York reverend who first came to public notice by slandering six white men with phony rape charges has developed into a fine speaker. He is certainly the most accomplished race baiter of his day.---"

"I have no intention of using it.":

"---But what struck me about the article--reading it today, hours before the film airs in at the convention and in millions of homes across the country--was something Kerry told Keller about the footage from Vietnam.
'I have no intention of using it.'

Here's the entire one-sentence paragraph, as written by Keller:
'It is so innocent,' he said by way of introducing his youthful cinematic effort, adding a little defensively, 'I have no intention of using it' for campaign purposes.

Is this just another example of a Kerry flip-flop? The public record suggests it might be worse.

According to a July 29, 2002, article written by Andrew Miga of the Boston Herald, who was covering Kerry's campaign for reelection to the Senate: 'A slick 14-minute biographical campaign video that precedes his speeches features footage of his Vietnam days. He's shown as a rifle-toting naval officer on patrol in the Mekong Delta.'"

Kerry Does It:
John Kerry gives a calm, effortless performance with a speech that's a masterful pitch to the center. (Until you look at it closely, that is.)
by Jonathan V. Last
07/30/2004 3:10:00 AM

TONIGHT, like every other night, is Vietnam Night at the Democratic National Convention. We get Wesley Clark, Max Cleland, and a host of John Kerry's Vietnam buddies, testifying to the candidate's bravery, courage, and valor.---"

Kerry's Speech Disappoints Liberal Newspapers -- 07/30/2004:

By Susan Jones Morning Editor
July 30, 2004

"( - Sen. John F. Kerry's speech to the Democratic National Convention Thursday night was a 'missed opportunity' and a 'disappointment,' the Washington Post said in a Friday editorial.

USA Today and The New York Times were kinder to the candidate, but those newspapers also faulted Kerry's speech for failing to clarify how he would lead the nation.---"

Kerry's Economic Remedy Won't Be Revealed Before Election -- 07/30/2004:

"---The conservative group Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) stated that Kerry is trying to avoid revealing his plan to increase taxes on the middle-class because it would create a campaign liability if he did.

In a release, the group stated that Kerry's plan to roll back President Bush's tax cuts for the top earners 'will yield him only $40 to $60 billion per year, far below the more than $200 billion of new spending commitments he has promised to special interests who feed off of American taxpayers.'

'In other words,' ATR stated, 'if Kerry is elected, middle-class tax increases are coming.'---" Letters to the Editor

Baldwin Bashing the GOP

“Alec Baldwin is one of the most arrogant, egotistical, elitist persons on the face of this earth. He typifies the elitist logic of Hollywood. They don't even think the ‘flyover’ Americans can govern themselves. These people live in a shielded fantasy world and have no idea of who the ‘average American’ is. If you ask me (a proud Christian conservative), he is the leftist wacko, and he is so out of touch with traditional values.” (GOP Hijacked by 'Fundamentalist Wackos,' Actor Says, July 29)

Patrick C.
Bartlett, TN

“Baldwin is right about the hijacking … wrong about the party.”

Carlston B.
El Reno, OK

Friday, July 30, 2004 Forum Home Page:

"Comments of the day:

'He is a deeply unlikable guy: arrogant, dull, pompous, mannered, self-righteous' Andrew Sullivan.

'Howard Dean with medals' - John Podhoretz

... pedestrian address, uninspiring, cliched, and humorless' - Jeff Jacoby

'Kerry, the sultan of Yada.... said absolutely zilch of substance' - Andrea Peyser

'The man has more facets than a disco ball' - Jonah Goldberg

'John Kerry once administered CPR to a hamster. This was one of the poignant vignettes we learned tonight from one of his daughters. Is there some gerbil-loving swing demographic out there we are trying to connect with?' - Barbara Comstock

'What did this man do as an adult? Kerry's biography ends at 24' - Dick Morris

'This isn't your father's JFK' - Jed Babbin"


From Reply 6 - Posted by: blondie, 7/30/2004 12:35:22 AM on

Media Research Center Home Page - 7/30/2004 4:00:37 PM

CyberAlert: Exposing Media Bias Daily
Friday, July 30 Afternoon Edition:
• ABC Continues Praising Kerry Speech: “Doubts Dispelled.”
• CBS Political Analyst Offers Rare Criticism of John Kerry
• MRC’s TimesWatch Helps Expose Kerry Home Movie Flip Flop
Friday, July 30 Morning Edition:
• Rave Reviews for Delivery and Substance of Kerry’s Speech
• Sycophantic Pitts Passes Along Fawning Spin Points About Kerry
• ABC Puts Up Live Kerry Speech as Broadcast by Al-Jazeera
• FNC: Delegates More Liberal Than Party, Applaud Bush-Bashing
• CNN Touches on Swift Boat Vets Against Kerry, CBS Ignores Again
• Matthews Rejects Idea Kerry Filmed in Vietnam to Promote Himself
• End of Political Civility Coincided with “Gingrich Revolution"?
• “Top 10 Ways Kerry Celebrated Winning the Democratic Nomination”
Thursday Afternoon Edition:
• CBS’s Byron Pitts Narrates Fawning Profile of John Kerry
• CBS Again Avoids Sharpton Rant, But NBC’s Couric Presses Him
• Reporters Help Kerry Campaign Lower Expectations for Speech
• Katie Couric Touts Maureen Dowd as “Witty” and “Insightful”
• Stephanopoulos Also Likes Fact that the Edwardses Go to Wendy’s
• NPR Fails to Label as Liberal Some Far-Left People and Groups
• Alec Baldwin: GOP “Hijacked by These Fundamentalist Wackos”
• Two Pro-Kerry Celebrities Featured on ABC This Morning
...and more!
Main site provides links to individual articles. TA

127 Ways Big Brother Brownell Is Wrong:
Posted On July 29, 2004

"New government numbers pose a 64-cent question: Why does obesity warrior Kelly 'Big Brother' Brownell fudge the price of produce? 'Unhealthy foods,' he says 'are the cheapest and easiest to get. Healthier foods are harder to get and cost more.' Leveling this supposedly unequal playing field is Brownell's justification for an intrusive 'fat tax.' But a recently released U.S. Department of Agriculture study tells an entirely different story. It found that Americans can meet food pyramid recommendations for fruit and vegetable consumption 'for as little as 64 cents' a day. Those trying to meet the government's 5-a-day fruits and vegetables challenge 'could do so for even less.' USDA concluded that there are '127 different ways to eat a serving of fruits and vegetables for less than the price of a 3-ounce candy bar.' And that's 127 ways Brownell and other food cops are flat-out wrong.---" -- Main Page:

"'Safely feeding the hungry' -

'Greens and others of like mind repeatedly raised phantom fears about the safety of genetically-engineered (GE) foods, even when it meant pulling food from the mouths of malnourished babes. While it will not stop the scaremongering, a recently published report from the National Research Council (NRC) and Institute of Medicine Academy adds much needed perspective. Researchers, charged with assessing the health risks of genetically-modified foods, properly began by declaring that conventional breeding and genetic modification are variations on the same theme. 'Hazards associated with genetic modifications, specifically genetic engineering, do not fit into a simple dichotomy of genetic engineering versus nongenetic engineering breeding. Not only are many mechanisms common to both . . . but also those techniques slightly overlap each other,' the report said. There are good grounds for that statement, since regardless of where they come from, plant genes are made of the same stuff -- DNA -- and produce similar protein end-products.' (The Washington Times)" -- Main Page:

"'Humans are sentient too' -

'Violent animal liberation activists undermine the ethical basis of our movement' (Peter Singer, The Guardian)
I admit I have no time for the animal whackos but at least Singer speaks against violent animal libbers, hence the above link." -- Main Page:

"'Visions of 'Ecodemics'' (PDF) -

'In Six Modern Plagues, veterinarian and journalist Mark Jerome Walters, like many modern-day greens, deems humankind the source of many of the world's problems. He claims that because of humanity's attempts to promote such alleged evils as 'efficiency and profit,' 'the financial gain of the few,' and 'progress,' we are now suffering from diseases on an unprecedented scale.' (Angela Logomasini, CEI) " -- Main Page:

"'Toxic Waste Site Secrets' -

'Almost one in 10 of the nation's 1,230 Superfund (search) toxic waste sites have not yet been cleaned up enough to guarantee that people and drinking water supplies won't become contaminated,' reported the Associated Press this week.' (Steven Milloy,"

National Center for Policy Analysis:

"Policy Notes: A new NCPA study shows that economic freedom is the most important determinant of prosperity for rich and poor nations alike.

Feature Publication:
Ten Consequences of Economic Freedom

Other Publications on Economic Freedom and Economic Growth:

NCPA Policy Report # 232: Public Spending And Social Progress (2000)

NCPA Policy Report # 215: Measuring the Burden of High Taxes (1998)

NCPA Policy Report # 189: Law, Liberty and Economic Growth (1994)

NCPA Web site on Economic Freedom & Growth:"

National Center for Policy Analysis

"---Kerry says he will never privatize Social Security, extend the retirement age for Social Security or cut any benefits for Social Security. That means there are only two options left: increase the debt by $11 trillion or cut all other government programs by 20 percent. And since Sen. Kerry has routinely criticized President Bush for increasing the debt, one can deduce he’s not about to come out in favor of increasing the debt by $11 trillion."

Source: Sean Tuffnell, “Kerry’s Secret Social Security Plan – Revealed!” National Review Online, July 29, 2004.

For text

For more on Social Security: Long-Term Crisis

Larry Kudlow: For Bush, every penny counts

"---Kerry had taken a small lead going into the Democratic National Convention, his first lead of the year in the Iowa market. But Bush pulled ahead by the convention's halfway point. Looks like the Boston con game -- "We're not really left liberals who believe in soaking the rich, high taxes, massive government spending and wartime U.N. appeasement" -- is not working all that well.---"

Bruce Bartlett: More class warfare

"---Thus the basic problem with scapegoating the rich for every problem in society, as Kerry and Edwards do, is that far more people identify with the rich than they imagine. Sophisticated liberals know this. As Bob Kuttner, editor of the left-wing American Prospect magazine, recently wrote in the Boston Globe, “Because nearly everyone identifies upward, you don’t gain traction in American progressive politics by baiting the rich.”

Kerry and Edwards don’t seem to have gotten the message."

Mona Charen: Fables Democrats tell themselves

"---Democrats could pitch their case to African Americans on many issues -- affirmative action, poverty programs, education. But year after year, they choose the cheap and disreputable approach of suggesting that Republicans are racists, that civil rights and voting rights are in peril, and that only the Democratic Party stands between us and a return to Jim Crow.

That’s why Kerry chose to feature the Rev. Al at his convention. The bloody shirt must be waved, and the Brooklyn race provocateur (ordained at age 10) does it so well. From the point of view of leading Democrats, Sharpton may be a monumental liar (he has never apologized to the policeman he and Brawley slandered), a fomenter of race riots and an anti-Semite, but he keeps African-American fears alive -- and that makes him a Democratic star."

Paul Crespo: Why Iraq is Part of our War Against Terror

"---To many, liberating Iraq was justified primarily on strategic grounds. I argued that "Iraq is the geographic core and strategic center of gravity of the region. Neutralizing one of the region's most central anti-American states will be a major psychological blow to radical Islamic militants everywhere, and it could provide hope to moderate Muslims in the area who yearn for real reform.---

"Fascism was not defeated in a day, or a year; Islamic extremism will not be defeated that quickly either. But just as D-day, at great expense in life and treasure, permitted further victories against Nazi Germany, success in Iraq should allow additional triumphs in the War on Terror."

Paul Crespo is a former Marine Corps officer and military attache who served in the Persian Gulf. He teaches world politics at the University of Miami and is a Senior Fellow with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies in Washington, DC.

Barnes?&? - Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One

Publisher's Weekly
"While politicians squabble over the pros and cons of price controls on prescription drugs, onlooking citizens are often left scratching their heads. Many of today's economic issues are obscured by their inherent complexity and the blarney coming from political talking heads. In his follow-up to Basic Economics, Sowell, a leading conservative spokesman and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, seeks to alleviate this confusion. He highlights the major differences between politicians (who act for the short term, i.e., reelection) and economists (who look at the long-range ramifications of policy), and urges voters to keep these differences in mind. Sowell then focuses on a few issues, including some political hot potatoes: medical care, housing, discrimination, insurance and the development of nations. He urges readers to consider not only the intended, immediate goal of a particular policy, but also its unintended, long-range impact. For instance, he says, supporters of nationalized health care overlook the fact that it often results in health-care shortages, reduced quality of services and black markets. The great achievement of Sowell's book is its simplicity. His writing is easy and lucid, an admirable trait considering the topic at hand. This book will not satisfy hard-core economic junkies, and Sowell does not pretend it will. His target audience is the average citizen who has little or no economics background, but would like the tools to think critically about economic issues. Some readers will be turned off by Sowell's preference for free-market principles, but the author is an esteemed economist and his explanations fit well within the mainstream. As a basic primer for the economically perplexed, this volume serves very well. (Dec.) Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information."

Thomas Sowell: Electing an image
Thomas Sowell
July 30, 2004

"Much of what is being said and done at the Democratic convention in Boston is so 1960s. The old favorite songs of the left, the old rhetoric, the old gestures, the delegates swaying together, all take you back to a time 40 years ago when the liberal vision seized the imagination of so many who were young then -- and who are now old enough to know better.---"

Jonah Goldberg: Let's pretend

"---Yes, it's wonderful that John Kerry speaks French. But I doubt he can talk the French out of a reflexive anti-Americanism they cultivated for decades before Bush entered office. During the 1990s, remember, French bookstores were festooned with anti-American treatises like "Who Is Killing France? The American Strategy" and "American Totalitarianism." "No Thanks, Uncle Sam," written by a member of the French Parliament, was a bestseller. He concluded, "It is appropriate to be downright anti-American."" Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze

"---Ron Reagan's speech to the DNC was cynical and cruel, writes Michael Fumento, calling it an exploitation of his father, and of science. A fascinating rebuttal to all of this stem cell nonsense." Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze

"Even though the mainstream media continues to ignore them, many Vietnam veterans oppose Kerry and will never forgive him for accusing them of being baby killers and war criminals." Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze

"John Kerry left a large hole in his resume last night during his the AP reports. Yes, the Associated Press is the source of this story...apparently a conservative broke into their offices and filed it." Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze


"All we've been hearing from the Democrats and the mainstream media is how united their party is behind John Kerry. They would have us believe that everyone is so enthusiastic about The Poodle, that they have somehow forgotten what they believe and are fully on board with everything the ticket stands for. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is, the Democratic party is only united behind sKerry because of one characteristic: he's not George W. Bush. By just listening to my show this week you found out that these people don't have a real clue about Kerry, or his voting record, or his position on the issues. They are motivated by hate and hate alone.---" Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze


"Last night John Kerry rushed through his 55 minute speech accepting the Democratic Party's nomination for president of the United States. He kicked off his address by saluting the crowd and saying "I'm John Kerry, and I'm reporting for duty." So there you go. He sure didn't wait long to bring up his military service. And why not? What else does he have? Is he going to brag about his National Journal rating as the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate?

There was a lot of nonsense in his speech, let's get to it.---"

Human Events
by Donald Lambro,

Democratic Delegates Way Out-of Step with America

"Far more liberal than the party rank-and-file and all voters."

Kerry's Massachusetts Masquerade
by Terence P. Jeffrey
Posted Jul 30, 2004

"---Deep in section 15 last Sunday, the New York Times printed the results of a poll it had conducted surveying more than 1,000 of the Democratic delegates. It revealed a group hailing from the hard left: 44% favored same-sex marriage (while another 43% favored civil unions), 62% said imposing environmental regulations is more important than preserving jobs, 66% opposed the death penalty for murderers, 75% favored abortion on demand, 77% said they are more concerned that anti-terrorism laws will violate civil liberties than they are that the laws won't do enough to stop terrorists, 78% said government should not favor traditional values over any other type of values, and 89% said all or most of the Bush tax cuts should be allowed to expire.

These views echo the true values (and for the most part the voting record) of the Kerry-Edwards ticket. But they are radically at odds with the Kerry-Edwards political strategy.---"

Giuliani Doesn't Need Moore to Tell Him About 9/11 -- 07/29/2004:

"---'The Democrats have been politicizing Sept. 11 all throughout the primary,' Giuliani said. 'That's all I heard were criticism of the president's handling of Sept. 11. Not only criticisms, but name-calling and demonizing.'

Unlike the Democratic National Convention, which concludes Thursday evening, Giuliani said the GOP would put on an event focused on Bush's record.

'We're not going to run away from him,' Giuliani said. 'I think it's clear to anyone - Democrat, Republican or independent - they've been running away from John Kerry's record. They're running away from [vice presidential candidate] John Edwards' record.'---"

Violence Overshadows Political Advances by Iraqi Women -- 07/30/2004:
By Heather Wier Correspondent

"( - Amid the insurgent violence that dominates the news out of Iraq each day is the unprecedented opportunity that women now have for political participation in their country.---"

Veterans Accuse Dems of Distorting Facts About Bush -- 07/30/2004:
By Robert B. Bluey Staff Writer
July 30, 2004

"Boston ( - Veterans who support President Bush accused Democrats of spreading misleading information about the state of affairs for the millions of veterans who rely on the government's health care benefits.---

"The Democrats' claim has been debunked by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. Bush, in fact, has overseen a 27 percent increase in funding for veterans. That number would increase to 37 percent, based on this year's budget proposal.---"

Kerry's Speech Disappoints Liberal Newspapers -- 07/30/2004:
By Susan Jones Morning Editor
July 30, 2004

"( - Sen. John F. Kerry's speech to the Democratic National Convention Thursday night was a 'missed opportunity' and a 'disappointment,' the Washington Post said in a Friday editorial.

USA Today and The New York Times were kinder to the candidate, but those newspapers also faulted Kerry's speech for failing to clarify how he would lead the nation.---" The Cybercast News Service:

Jesse Jackson Says Kerry Would Boost Anti-War Movement

"Boston ( - Electing Sen. John Kerry would be a boon for the anti-war movement, Jesse Jackson told a crowd of left-wing activists Thursday. 'When Kerry wins, the anti-war movement will get bigger the next day,' Jackson said." Full Story

Alec Baldwin’s American Values

"It was Dec. 13, 1998 when an agitated Alec Baldwin appeared on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” on NBC, to launch into a tirade against congressional Republicans looking into the impeachment of President Bill Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde (R-Ill.) was singled out by Baldwin, before the actor turned his anger on the entire Republican contingent investigating impeachment.

“We would go down to Washington,” Baldwin told O’Brien, “and we would stone Henry Hyde to death. And we would go to their homes and we’d kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families.”

(SOURCE: Media Research Center) The Cybercast News Service:

Hollywood Liberals Say Most Americans Agree With Them

"Boston ( - Hollywood celebrities attending the Democratic National Convention in Boston this week declared that an overwhelming majority of American's agree with their liberal political views." Full Story


"---'It is not surprising that [McAuliffe] would embrace Alec Baldwin because anger and vitriolic rhetoric has become the trademark of the Democratic Party,' Jim Dyke, the RNC communications director, told

Dyke predicted that the Democrats may have problems attracting swing voters by not repudiating Baldwin's comment, because 'voters don''t appreciate a party whose message is based in anger and vitriolic rhetoric.'---

"Garofalo believes that Baldwin was correct. She said she believes "the Republican Party is being held hostage to right-wing ideology."

"The Republican Party has been done a great disservice by the theocrats, the religious right -- guys like Jerry Falwell -- they are not well represented," she added.---

"I would never use the term wackos, I mean that is not respectful," Reich told

But adjectives aside, Reich did agree with Baldwin's overall point about the GOP being dominated by religious conservatives.

"Undoubtedly the Republican Party is relying to an extraordinary extent -- it has relied to an extraordinary extent -- on right-wing religious conservatives, and that is not a secret. That is not a surprise. We know that, and that is well documented, just look at who the ground troops of the Republican Party are," Reich explained.

"Some of these people are perfectly fine, decent people, but their values are different from the mainstream of American values," he added.---"
Which party is really out of the mainstream of American values? TA

Thursday, July 29, 2004
Media Research Center Home Page - 7/29/2004 12:23:28 PM

CyberAlert: Exposing Media Bias Daily
Thursday, July 29 Morning Edition:
• Gush Over Edwards, Pitts: Now Up to Kerry to Give Party “Soul”
• Jennings: If Edwards Upbeat “Who's Going to Attack” Bush/Cheney?
• NBC’s Brown Presses Vet to Say Bush Lessened Pride in Military
• Jennings Hails How Conclave “Energized” By “Turned-On Preacher”
• FNC Notes Questions About Whether Kerry Vietnam Film Re-enacted
• CBS: GOP Commits “Foul” With “Nasty” Video on Kerry’s Iraq Views
• CNN: Will GOP “Get Away With” Calling Democrats “Too Liberal”?
• Matthews: Seeing Son Campaign for Dean “One of Happiest Moments”
• “Top Ten Things Overheard During Teresa Heinz Kerry's Speech”
Main site provides links to individual articles. TA

Overlawyered: Location, Location, Location:
July 29, 2004

"Opponents of medical malpractice tort reform often argue that malpractice premiums are on the rise because insurance companies made bad investments, not because of out-of-control jury awards. But, if that's so, then why do premiums vary so widely by geography? Consider the rates in Cleveland, Ohio, a city that can lay claim to some of the most aggressive trial lawyers in the state, as well as some of the most generous juries:

A comparison of standard, non-discounted rates the American Physicians Assurance Corporation charges in Ohio, Illinois and Michigan shows doctors in Cuyahoga County paying the highest rates in almost every category, and nearly double the Columbus tariff.
For instance, neurosurgeons in Cuyahoga County paid $212,000 annually, while their colleagues in Columbus paid $118,000 in malpractice premiums. Doctors in the high-risk specialties also paid about $20,000 less in Chicago and Detroit than their counterparts in Cuyahoga County.

'The fact is, a day doesn't go by when a Northeast Ohio doctor doesn't get sued for multimillions of dollars,' says Myers."

Posted by MedPundit at July 29, 2004 09:51 AM | TrackBack "

2004 July

Global warping

"In a midday presentation on July 28th the BBC broadcast a television programme called Global Warning (the first of three). It was possibly the most one-sided piece of blatant propaganda that has ever been transmitted in Britain in time of peace. It presented the global warming myth as an unmitigated horror story. There was not one reasonable balanced statement in the whole farrago. Outrageous lies were presented as facts (carbon dioxide is the commonest greenhouse gas, the atmosphere acts as a blanket, scientists overwhelmingly agree etc.) The two “experts” were SIR Crispin Tickell, who is credited with inventing the whole scam, and SIR David King, who is challenging for Michael Meacher’s title as the most embarrassing Briton. His latest escapade was to flounce out of an international conference like some overblown Prima Donna, because the organisers refused to censor contributions from reasoned opposition, even after sustained bullying by the Foreign Secretary. This man has the audacity to call himself a scientist. He puts his cards on the table by calling the Government “We”.---"

Issues 2004 Whats New
07/29/04 11:25 AM

Less Than Letter-Perfect

AEI analyzes recent postal reform proposals and finds some positive reform amidst much that is “disappointing in light of the extensive reforms carried out in other developed countries, including privatization and complete de-monopolization.” James Gattuso reached a similar conclusion.

O'Neill, John; Corsi, Jerome: Unfit for Command
O'Neill, John; Corsi, Jerome

"John Kerry is a liar and a fraud, unfit to be the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces. That's not just the opinion of American conservatives: As this astonishing new book shows, most of the men who served with Kerry in Vietnam think this way. Now, in Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry, John O'Neil and Jerry Corsi explain why.---"

Robert Novak: 'United' Democrats?

"---In fact, this unity is an illusion, reflecting the transformation of national political conventions to infomercials. If debate were permitted, a dozen or more planks would have produced a traditional platform donnybrook. Delegates swallowed their left-wing principles to accept a watery platform and avoid an internal struggle. They were guided by the party's sole unifying force: the defeat of George W. Bush.---"

Larry Elder: Sandy Berger in trouble? Send in the media!

"---A recent Pew Research Center survey also noted the press corps' lopsided liberal ideology. Pew found that 54 percent of national journalists self-describe as "moderates," down from 64 percent in 1995. Only 7 percent of national journalists call themselves "politically conservative," well below the 33 percent of the general public who call themselves "conservative." National journalists who call themselves liberal increased to 34 percent, compared with 22 percent in 1995.

For more on media bias, read my latest book, "Showdown: Confronting Bias, Lies, and the Special Interests That Divide America," and send me your examples of media bias. For some people, examples are worth a thousand studies."

Ann Coulter: Dems' New Slogan: No Teacher Left Behind

"The traditional greeting at the Democratic National Convention is, "Where do you teach?" On rare occasions, the greeting is modified to, "Where does your husband teach?" or "Where does your gay lover teach?" (Democrats could save a lot of money by holding the Democratic National Convention and the National Education Association Convention at the same time.)---" - Democrats run of fumes, not facts

"---The Boston Democrats are running on the fumes of a Bush-record-that-never-was. They gripe about how he's cut education spending, when he's increased it by more than 35%. They claim he lied about WMDs when he didn't. They say he's violated civil liberties when he's been fighting for the survival of liberty. They're betting everything that they can cross the finish line before the American public realizes that the Democrats are coasting on an empty tank."

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth - Service to Country:

"---Most Swift boat veterans would like nothing better than to support one of our own for America's highest office, regardless of whether he was running as a Democrat or a Republican. However, Kerry's phony war crimes charges, his exaggerated claims about his own service in Vietnam, and his deliberate misrepresentation of the nature and effectiveness of Swift boat operations compels us to step forward.

For more than thirty years, most Vietnam veterans kept silent as we were maligned as misfits, addicts, and baby killers. Now that a key creator of that poisonous image is seeking the Presidency we have resolved to end our silence.

The time has come to set the record straight.---"
Via Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze


"Democrats just love to talk about your "right" and your "access" to health care. You'll never hear them talking about just how government policies make both health care and health insurance more expensive. There is a government prejudice against an individual purchasing their own private health insurance policy. If your employer purchases the policy for you, your employer gets to deduct the cost of that health insurance on their income taxes. If you purchase the policy for yourself the cost is not deductible. In other words, you get punished for taking personal responsibility for your own health care. I wonder why Democrats don't think this is a problem? Hell .... I wonder why Republicans don't think this is a problem!---"

Kerry-Edwards Spending Plan Would Send Deficit Higher -- 07/29/2004:
By Shannon Augustus Correspondent

"( - With Democrats heaping criticism on the Bush administration's tax cutting strategy and the increase in the federal budget deficit, conservatives are countering that a Kerry-Edwards administration would drive the deficit even higher.

The National Taxpayers Union Foundation has released a study indicating that 65 out of the 70 planks in John Kerry's fiscal policy platform would increase federal spending, while only five would reduce the budget.---"

Pete Sepp, vice president of communications for the National Taxpayers Union (NTU), said that if all of Kerry's 70 campaign promises became law, the total amount of federal spending would increase by $226 billion in his first year in office. "

WorldNetDaily: Controversy over Kerry's re-enacted war scenes
DNC video uses home footage
taken with future career in mind
Posted: July 28, 2004
2:45 p.m. Eastern
© 2004

"While a swift-boat commander in Vietnam, Sen. John Kerry filmed re-enactments of combat which Democrats plan to use in the official video introducing their presidential nominee tomorrow night in Boston.---

"A new book, "Unfit for Command," written by John O'Neill, who took over Kerry's swift boat, PCF-94, charges the Massachusetts senator carried a home movie camera to "record his exploits," according to the Drudge Report.---

"Tedd Peck, who piloted PCF-94 before being wounded and turning over command to Kerry, told WorldNetDaily the footage taken in Vietnam is "phony.---" The Cybercast News Service:

Vox Populi: Michael Moore at the Dem Convention

"( - Filmmaker Michael Moore's apperance at the Democratic National Convention prompted one reader to note, 'The cast for the biggest clown show to ever hit Boston is now complete.'" posted by Tom at 8:01 AM The Cybercast News Service:

Edwards' Speech Chock Full of Promises

"( - Sen. John Edwards made a lot of promises in his Wednesday night speech, including the promise to 'make America strong again.'" More on the speech

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Challenge for the Democrats
ABC News, by Dalia Sussman and Gary Langer

Original Article

Posted By:earlybird, 7/28/2004 1:52:44 PM

"NEW YORK — Consumer confidence poses a challenge for the Democrats at their convention in Boston: While economic discontent works in their candidate’s favor, confidence is sharply higher now than it was just six weeks ago. Americans’ ratings of their own finances reached a six-month high in this week’s ABC News/Money magazine poll, while consumer confidence more broadly remained steady .... up steeply since a springtime drop bottomed out in mid-June.---"

Threads2: "Kerry losing ground to president on key issues, survey finds
The Washington Times, by James G. Lakely

Original Article

Posted By:Dreadnought, 7/28/2004 1:46:30 AM

"Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has lost the ground he gained on President Bush in recent months in five of six key election issues, as well as in personal likability, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released yesterday. One month ago, Mr. Kerry had cut Mr. Bush's lead on who would best handle the war on terrorism to just one point, 48 percent to 47 percent. Today, the poll shows... "

Convention Rapid Response Team
National Review, by Opinion

Original Article

Posted By:blondie, 7/28/2004 1:53:19 AM

"---Where to begin, where to begin. His voice breaking repeatedly (no doubt stress-induced from feigning ardency for the imperative of having a 'unitah' as president) that old uniter Ted Kennedy gave a decent imitation of himself giving a rousing convention speech. At times hard-hitting, sure, but nowhere near his Bork-baiting of younger days.---"

* Dan Casey, Barbara Comstock, John McLaughlin, Peter Robinson and Larry Sabato " / News / Politics / Conventions / PBS anchor chides big 3 networks as shirking convention duty

"---Addressing the challenges of covering politics in a politically polarized environment, the anchors acknowledged the impact of criticism and pressure, often from conservatives, that pours into their networks at unprecedented levels. In a January 2004 Pew Research Center survey that seemed to reflect conservative concerns about network coverage, only 24 percent of Republicans said they relied on ABC, CBS, or NBC as a main source of campaign news, compared with 40 percent of Democrats.

Rather stated that "fear has increased in every newsroom in America," and added that reporting on explosive issues can bring a torrent of e-mails and phone calls. That can lead to a situation, he said, in which journalists conclude that "when you run this story, you're asking for trouble with a capital 'T'. . . Why run it?"

Brokaw, referring to the president of the conservative watchdog organization, the Media Research Center, said conservatives "feel they have to go to war against the networks every day." Jennings added, "I hear more about conservative concerns than I have in the past. . . This wave of resentment rushes at our advertisers, rushes at our corporate suites. . . I feel the presence of anger all the time."

(Via the
Support the Media Research Center! TA

Media Research Center Home Page - 7/28/2004 1:50:28 PM

CyberAlert: Exposing Media Bias Daily
Wednesday, July 28 Morning Edition:
• MSNBC and CNN Lionize “Rock Star” Obama, See a Future President
• Matthews: “Goose-Stepping Through the World,” Cleland Canards
• Ron Reagan Speech Touted as “Powerful,” Claims Also Questioned
• Boosting a Convention Theme, CBS Touts Stem Cell Work in China
• CBS Shows Photo of George W. Bush “With a Dukakis-Like Grin”
• ABC & CBS Skip Kerry’s “Un-American,” But Brokaw Confronts Her
• Some Reporters Point Out Liberal Views of Kennedy and Obama
• Woodruff Hits GOP’s “Intolerance” & Lack of “Musical Diversity”
• CyberAlerts Annoy Brokaw Who Blasts Brent Bozell’s “Newsletter”
Main site provides links to individual articles. TA

Sick of Lawsuits STAT! Newsletter -- News, Views and Information About the Healthcare Litigation Emergency

Mississippi Tort Triumph

"This is no small achievement for a poor state that rarely appears on the top half of any list of economic measures…Doctors have fled or quit practicing, 71 insurance companies have pulled out, and a recent study by a local business group predicted the loss of 10,000 more jobs by 2009 without some legal reform." Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour signed into law one of the nation's most comprehensive tort reform bills in an attempt to make the state more business-friendly." Wall Street Journal, June 16, 2004

Sick of Lawsuits STAT! Newsletter -- News, Views and Information About the Healthcare Litigation Emergency

Man Wins $3 Million for Injury by Doctor … A Malpractice Panel Earlier Had Found That the Doctor Had Done Nothing Wrong

"A jury awarded a South Portland man $3 million Wednesday, concluding a complicated malpractice claim … The verdict was unusually large for Maine, where awards of more than a million dollars are rare. It was particularly surprising in this case because a medical malpractice review panel had unanimously found that the doctor and hospital were not at fault for Maietta's injury. The panel's finding was disclosed to the jury, but it found for Maietta anyway." Portland Press Herald, May 27, 2004
So much for justice. Injustice wins. TA

Overlawyered: One Man's Not So Unusual Experience:
July 27, 2004

"One of the most frustrating aspects of the medical malpractice business from the physician's perspective is the seeming carelessness with which malpractice attorneys launch suits. It usually works like this: Someone has a bad outcome, say, in the hospital. The attorney gets the medical record, but he doesn't use it to determine who is at fault. He uses it to collect all the physician names within it, from the doctor who saw the patient in the ER to the resident who ordered a Tylenol for a fever. The suit is then filed, naming every last doctor with a legible name. It's only after the suit has been filed - and defense attorneys get involved - that the names are whittled down to who is deserving of being sued - a process that often takes months and thousands of dollars. In some cases, the lawyers don't even make an attempt to determine if they have the right doctor, as in the case of this family physician from rural Oklahoma who was willing to share his story with Overlawyered---"
Another travesty by the likes of John Edwards. TA

Overlawyered: Suffer the Poor:
July 28, 2004

"The practice of obstetrics is not easy. Doctors who deliver babies face long, late hours, life-threaatening complications that can spring up in a split second without warning, and the constant threat of litigation for events beyond their control. Now, the malpractice crisis is making it even harder, with doctors in crisis states like Pennsylvania finding themselves in a manpower crunch thanks to the exodus of obstetricians from the state. Not only are doctors leaving, but hospitals are shutting down their obstetrics departments---

"That means longer hours and a greater proportion of riskier cases for the hospitals and doctors who remain. Which means they're more prone to errors. It also means that they can no longer spread themselves as thinly as they once did. Hospitals that once staffed inner city public health clinics are can no longer spare the staff to do so, leaving the poor without easily accessible prenatal care. Remember that the next time you hear John Edwards say that he has spent his career helping the down and out."

Posted by MedPundit at July 28, 2004 08:22 AM | TrackBack

Overlawyered: Non-Partisan Report on Tort Reform:
July 28, 2004

"Point of Law points to the latest Congressional Budget Office report on tort reform, which concludes that non-economic damage caps do result in lower malpractice insurance premiums. They also decreased the practice of defensive medicine, at least when it comes to treating heart disease, without increasing mortality:

The authors found that the adoption of direct reforms led to a 6 percent drop in hospital expenditures for heart attack patients and a 9 percent decline for heart disease patients, with no significant change in mortality rates or cardiac complications.

They defined direct reforms as such measures as caps on punitive damages. Although it did take a few years to see the change in behavior and the reduction of malpractice insurance premiums, it appears from the report of this nonpartisan arm of the government, that tort reform works. Now can we give it a chance?"

Posted by MedPundit at July 28, 2004 08:34 AM | TrackBack "

Overlawyered: A 1 in 1.09 quintillion Chance:
July 28, 2004

"A North Carolina woman sued a hospital for failing to correctly diagnose her husband's cancer. Except they did diagnose it correctly---

"The jury ruled in favor of the hospital, but the case took four years and several hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend. That's OK with Mrs. Brown, because now she knows "the truth." Apparently, neither she nor her lawyers, thought of having an autopsy to discover the truth. But then, autopsies cost money, with nary a chance of making money. Not even a 1 in 1.09 quintillian chance."

Posted by MedPundit at July 28, 2004 08:53 AM | TrackBack

Pound Foolish:
Posted On July 28, 2004

"Lambasting 'the proselytizers and the demonizers, the moralizers and the food prudes,' columnist Margaret Wente of Canada's Globe and Mail has had just about enough of groups like the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Wente laments that her 'scone addiction is no longer a private, personal failing. These days, it's a public menace that ranks right up there with al-Qaeda.' For those wondering 'how fat is too fat,' she notes: 'Let's just say that according to my BMI, I'm right on the edge. This scone could push me over.'---" -- Main Page:

"'Panel Sees No Unique Risk From Genetic Engineering' -

'Genetically engineered crops do not pose health risks that cannot also arise from crops created by other techniques, including conventional breeding, the National Academy of Sciences said in a report issued yesterday.

The conclusion backs the basic approach now underlying government oversight of biotech foods, that special food safety regulations are not needed just because foods are genetically engineered.

Nevertheless, the report said that genetic engineering and other techniques used to create novel crops could result in unintended, harmful changes to the composition of food, and that scrutiny of such crops should be tightened before they go to market.' (New York Times)" -- Main Page:

"'Biotech's Crazed Critics' -

'It's hard to top some of the loony things that have been said about the new biotechnology. Technophobe Jeremy Rifkin claimed, for example, that genetically engineered bacteria might disrupt weather patterns, and that biotechnology threatens 'a form of annihilation every bit as deadly as nuclear holocaust.' And at one of the six public meetings convened by the British government to discuss biotechnology, there was conjecture about whether the SARS virus originated in gene-spliced cotton in China.' (Henry I. Miller, TCS)" -- Main Page:

"'Song of the Idle Rich' -

'Among the more noticeable developments since the failed Seattle World Trade Organization meeting has been the significant increase in activity by the NGOs that have consistently opposed the WTO and the idea of development through free trade. Even more noticeable has been the emergence of NGOs claiming to speak as third world voices.' (Alan Oxley, TCS)" -- Main Page:

Hotlanta''s Journal-Constitution is a believer: 'Editorial: Warming is serious; so is lawsuit' -

'Going where others have been too timid to venture, a handful of states and New York City are actually trying to do something about potentially disastrous global warming. Last week, they sued Southern Co., the parent of Georgia Power, and four other utilities in an effort to curb carbon dioxide emissions by the biggest C02 producers in the United States.' (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

And so is the NYT: 'A Novel Tactic on Warming' - 'Moving aggressively to compensate for Washington's unwillingness to tackle the threat of global warming, New York, seven other states and New York City filed suit last week against five of the country's largest power companies. Though the suit's legal prospects are unclear, its political implications are not. Once again, the states are asserting their right to remedy environmental problems that the Bush administration and Congress have ignored.' (New York Times)"
More junk science in our overlawyered nation. TA -- Main Page:

"'Order the salad, but don't hold the fat: report' -

'NEW YORK - People need to include moderate amounts of fat with their uncooked vegetables in order to absorb the beneficial nutrients, new research shows. U.S. investigators found that when people ate salads with fat-free dressing, their bodies did not absorb alpha-carotene, beta-carotene or lycopene -- substances known to protect against cancer and heart disease. In contrast, when people doused their salads with reduced-fat or regular dressing, their carotenoid levels went up substantially.' (Reuters Health)" -- Main Page:

"'The 'Ruinous Sport', Round 2' -

'The juxtaposition couldn't be more ironic. On the same day that the U.S. Senate finally moved to have tobacco regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and tobacco farmers bought out by the tobacco industry, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson announces Medicare will pay for obesity treatments.

Once Medicare pays for treatment, can Medicaid be far behind? And then lawsuits by states attorneys general to reimburse their states' costs as happened with tobacco?' (Duane D. Freese, TCS) " -- Main Page:

"'Pollution warning to company directors' -

'Company directors who attempt to increase profits at the expense of the environment were today warned by the environment agency that they face tougher fines or a criminal record. The warning came as the agency released a report entitled Spotlight on Business: Environmental Performance in 2003, which revealed that 11 company directors last year received fines of up to ?20,000 for pollution incidents, around four times as many as five years ago. The agency said fines for company directors had, on average, increased by Lb2,000 last year and the report revealed that, in addition to fines, 23 environmental offenders had been handed community punishment orders, four times the number imposed in 2001.' (Mark Tran, The Guardian)"

"Given the bizarre plethora of 'environmental directives' pouring forth from Brussels and the UK's own environment ministry it's a wonder so few enterprises have infringed. How sad that Europe is determined to sentence all private enterprise to death by massive over-regulation. Socialism - go figure!"

EPA Pesticide Approvals Pose Threat to Species, Report Says:

"---Other studies, however, did not replicate his results. Last fall, the EPA concluded that there is insufficient scientific evidence that atrazine 'produces a consistent, reproducible effect on amphibian development.'"
Interesting how the fact that the study that invalidates The Center for Biological Diversity complaint isn't mentioned until the very end of the story? Some eco-nazi bias here? TA / News / Nation / Mo. court rejects suit against gunmakers:

"---Lawrence Greenwald, who represented gunmaker Beretta USA Corp., countered 'the fundamental issue which cuts through this entire case is: Should the city, which is not a person who got shot, collect from gunmakers, who didn't do the shooting?'---"

Hong Kong: World's Freest Economy:
by James A. Dorn
James A. Dorn is vice president for academic affairs at the Cato Institute.

"Since 1970, Hong Kong has ranked as the world's freest economy. In the just released Economic Freedom of the World, 2004 Annual Report, Hong Kong remains number one. The report, published by The Fraser Institute in conjunction with the Cato Institute and other think tanks around the world, ranks countries on their adherence to a set of policies that measure the degree of economic freedom. Those countries that safeguard property rights, enforce contracts, allow free trade, maintain low marginal tax rates, ensure sound money, and limit the size and scope of government will score well on the Economic Freedom of the World (EFW) index.---"

National Center for Policy Analysis:

'---Policy Notes: Few issues generate more debate or emotion from activists than global warming. According to NCPA senior fellow H. Sterling Burnett, fears of human-induced climate change are not based on sound science and proposed solutions will impact the economy.

Feature Commentary:

Climate science or science fiction?

Other selected NCPA publications on global warming:

NCPA study 224: Global Warming Policy: Some Economic Implications

Brief Analysis No. 386: S. 556: A Backdoor Attempt to Implement the Kyoto Protocol

Brief Analysis No. 367: Reality and Climate Change Policy

Brief Analysis 298: Dispelling the Myth of a Cost-Free Global Warming Treaty

NCPA publications on global warming"

Ryan Zempel: Convention diary: The odd, the good, and the boring

"---The most interesting bit of spin came from the Alaska delegate I interviewed. When asked whether national Democrats' opposition to drilling in ANWR was detrimental to Knowles' candidacy (Alaskans -- including the state's Democrats -- support drilling), she claimed that the failure to permit drilling in ANWR wasn't the fault of national Democrats, but rather of Bush and the Republican Congress that has the majority.

That's one bill of goods I'm not sure I'll buy."
Democrat delusions. TA

Linda Chavez: The cat is out of the bag

"---Stern has let the cat out of the bag. Big Labor's ties to the Democratic Party aren't exactly helping working men and women. So why do Stern and his fellow union presidents insist on taking union members' dues to fund the Democrats? I wish Andy Stern would answer that question."

Ben Shapiro: USA Today ducks Ann Coulter's pulverizing right hook

"---A representative of USA Today told Drudge, "Coulter has been hired for Boston, Moore has been hired for NY." I'm willing to give odds on the chances that Michael Moore's sure-to-be hysterics-ridden columns will end up, unedited, in the pages of USA Today. But that's media balance for you: Hire both; censor the conservative. Or replace the conservative, as the case may be -- trendy National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg will take over Coulter's slot.---"

Tony Blankley: The hate cure

"BOSTON -- There was a story told by arch-Nazi villain Reinhard Heydrich -- the evil genius who designed the bureaucracy and methods for the Holocaust -- that once there was a son whose mother was kind and loving, but whose father was brutal and tormenting. When the mother died, the son could find no tears at her graveside. But when the hated father died, the son collapsed in paroxysms of grief and committed suicide. It was an ironic cautionary tale by Heydrich suggesting that perhaps after the Nazis destroy the Jews -- the object of their all-consuming hatred -- they will have nothing left to live for---

"---I think the clever boys and girls in the backroom of the Democratic Party have created a monster in this carefully manufactured Bush hatred. Let's remember where this hatred started-in Florida. From Al Gore, through the DNC and into the mouths of rank-and-file Democratic congressmen and senators, the word went out that the Democratic Party would not respect the election results. They methodically asserted that Bush was illegitimately in office because Gore actually got more votes in Florida. Even after the major liberal media outlets did their own recount and found Bush won Florida fair and square, the knowingly false charge was slammed into the brains of Democratic Party true believers. Bush was "selected, not elected" became the slogan.

They carefully nurtured this resentment into a small hatred. Then they compounded it by ridiculing the president's intelligence -- even though Bush got better grades at Yale than Al Gore, while still enjoying a vigorous frat life. They repeated endlessly their contempt for Bush's Christian faith -- which apparently induces contempt and hatred amongst the Democratic Party faithful. And all of this was before Iraq. This carefully cultivated little hatred was elevated to industrial strength with the accusations that Bush lied his way into war. While disproven by bipartisan findings, the charges persist. Al Gore accused Bush of "betraying" the country. Kerry used the word lie just enough to keep his lunatic pack happy.

The result is a hatred of Bush by the party activists that has consumed their policy passions and convictions. They hate Bush more than they hate the Iraq War. Their great intellectual battle of the 2000s -- whether they should stay in the Clinton center or go back to their liberal convictions -- has been temporarily subsumed by their common hate of Bush. Should the American voters succumb to poor judgment and elect Kerry, a united Democratic Party may face the plight of the son in the Nazi story of hate and meaning. Bush hate is the glue that holds the party together. If he leaves the scene -- the party may quickly fall apart."

Jonah Goldberg: J'accuse! The Republicans want to win in '04

"===The Republicans in Washington believe that America should be run by the right people - their people," Bill Clinton declared to thunderous applause here Monday night.

What in the world is he talking about? This is an election, right? The Republicans think Republicans should run things. Democrats think Democrats should. Is there something I'm missing? Are Republicans somehow "cheating" because their campaign platform suggests that their own party is the right one to run America?---

"In other words, as with Homer Simpson, the Democrats are in denial. Homer thinks that someone else needs to clean up the messes in our homes, that somehow it's unfair that we should do our own dirty work. The Democrats have convinced themselves that George Bush unfairly - "divisively" - interrupted the holiday from history that was the 1990s. This is all nonsense, of course. But that's beside the point."

Larry Kudlow: The Cheap-Shot Kid

"---For Clinton to blame President Bush for a recession the latter inherited from the former is nothing but a cheap shot. Even brief recessions come and go; it's part of the capitalist nature of things. And for Clinton to blame Bush for cutting taxes on rich people is just plain silly.---

"Clinton was undoubtedly playing to the left-liberal crowd in Boston with his cheap-shot attacks on Bush. But he was blowing smoke at the rest of America, which knows better. The electorate will not take it seriously." Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze:

"Think the Democrats are all about fairness? Think again...a liberal political group tried to ban a reporter because he was a man, but he crashed the party anyway. Matt Labash has the story." Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze:

"Robert F. Kennedy told an audience Monday that President Bush has brought fascism to America. Byron York has his dictionary out, and explains further."
A good example of how leftists lie. Check out the actual definition of "fascism" compared to Kennedy's version. TA Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze:


"Then there was a speech last night from Ron Reagan, Jr. about stem cell research. He said that he wasn't there to make a partisan speech, then proceeded to make one anyway. So much for that.

He then went on to talk about the Bush administration's ban on stem cell research. Wait a second...that's not true. The Bush administration has never banned stem cell research...not in the least. Hasn't happened. It's an urban legend. What's got Ron's panties in a bunch is that the Bush administration has banned federal funding for stem cell research. The media has gone along with it, and has perpetuated the myth. So once again, follow me on this one...according to Ron Reagan, no federal funding equals a ban. Very interesting -- and quite typical. I guess it's an extension of the 'you don't professionalize unless you federalize' idea put forth by Tom Daschle.

Now ask yourself...if these pharmaceutical and biotech companies thought there was so much promise in stem cell research that they could come up with a cure for Alzheimer's or diabetes or whatever, don't you think they'd be pouring billions of their own money into research for it? Can you imagine what a drug like that would be worth?

Besides...last time I checked, nowhere in the United States Constitution does it mention funding stem cell research." Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze

"---He (Kerry) believes that alternative fuels will guarantee that not only will no American boy or girl go to war because of our dependence on foreign oil... " Ah yes...the old blood-for-oil charge. Don't they ever learn? Let's count the ways to shoot this one down. If the United States were fighting the war in Iraq over oil, then why didn't we just take the oil? Why is the oil still there? Wouldn't it have been much easier to simply invade Iraq, seize the oil fields, and then just let the rest of the country go to hell in a hand basket? We didn't.... because the war in Iraq wasn't about oil, and that's not what American troops were sent there for. We keep reading she is a smart woman .. perhaps so. She's certainly smart enough to use the language of the left .. the language of irrationality.---" Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze

"---Anyway, back to sKerry's point about fighting the war on terror better. How does he propose to do this? What exact steps is he going to take that are "better?" Oh...that's right...he didn't say. Come on, Kerry! Tell us! Tell us how you will build a coalition where you say Bush didn't? How much are you going to weaken America to pull this off? How much of our sovereignty are you going to give away? Do you think giving the UN veto power of American troop movements would do it? Europe would certainly like that. The weaker America becomes, the stronger France and the Axis of Weasels becomes. You used to like this UN idea ... now you're not saying. Things are different when you have the nomination, aren't they?---" Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze

"---The Democrats are trying to convince voters that they aren't a bunch of far-left whiners bent on weakening America and growing government. But ... look at the speakers. Hillary, Bill, Howard Dean, Al Sharpton, Ted Kennedy. They claim a clean complexion while showcasing their zits.---" Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze

"Last night .. if you're one of the very few people actually watching this convention on television, you saw a man named Barack Obama speak. His father is from Kenya. His grandfather herded goats. His mother, who is white, is from America. Obama was born in Hawaii. That makes him a U.S. Citizen. He'll be a U.S. Senator in about six months. He believes in America. He believes you can make it here regardless of color. You may have heard the first black U.S. president speak last night. Oh .. never mind that his mother is white. PC dictates racial identification, not genetics.---" The Cybercast News Service:

Vox Populi: Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick

"( - The Democrats' celebration of Sen. Ted Kennedy's political career is a slap in the face, readers said, especially since the tribute fell near the anniversary of Chappaquiddick". Read Letters to the Editor The Cybercast News Service:

Kerry Presidency Will Cost Taxpayers, Watchdog Group Says

"( - If Sen. John Kerry is elected president, federal spending will increase by $226 billion in the first year of his presidency, according to a study by the National Taxpayers Union. Of Kerry''s 70 fiscal campaign promises, 65 of them would increase spending, the study indicated." Full Story The Cybercast News Service:

Ex-Boston Mayor Calls His Party 'Out of Touch' With American Values

"( - Ray Flynn, former three-term Democratic mayor of Boston and the Clinton administration's ambassador to the Vatican, said the 'core values' shared by Catholics and most Americans are being ignored at the Democratic National Convention and are absent from the Democratic Party platform." Full Story

'Guns, God, Gays' Losing Voting Appeal, Howard Dean Says -- 07/28/2004:

"Boston ( - Former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean told a liberal audience on Tuesday that southern voters will grow tired of the Republican's perennial appeal on social issues relating to 'guns, God and gays.'---"
Dean is clueless. TA

Michael Moore Rages: GOP Promotes 'Hate-triotism' -- 07/28/2004:By Marc Morano Senior Staff Writer
July 28, 2004

"Cambridge, Mass. ( - Leftwing filmmaker Michael Moore attacked 'right-wingers and Republicans' as 'hate-triots' who 'believe in the politics of hate-triotism' during a speech to a 'Take Back America' event on Tuesday. The event was hosted by the Campaign for America's Future.---"
Moore says 'right-wingers and Republicans' are hate-riots????????? Michael Mooresays that????????? Give me a break. TA

Tuesday, July 27, 2004 Forum Home Page
Hot site. TA - Democratic unity: Bush-hating

"---Still, one must give them credit; this promises to be the most disciplined Democratic convention ever — which normally would be akin to saying you've found the world's tallest midget. But this year they do have their act together — but not because they all agree on the issues nor because they all love John Kerry. Everyone from the patchouli-soaked activists with open-toed shoes and closed minds to the button-down blue dogs are holding hands and singing kumbaya for one reason: They hate George W. Bush.---"

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Tuesday, July 27 Morning Edition:
• Clinton’s “Very Clever” Speech Enthralls Brokaw and Russert
• MSNBC: Dems Not Anti-Bush Enough, Scarborough: “I Trust” Kerry
• CNN: Carter Has “Improved with Age....An Honest Man, Truthful”
• FNC Doesn’t Show Gore, Notes Platform v Delegate Iraq Disparity
• Jennings Notes How in ABC Poll Kerry “Losing Ground” to Bush
• Neither CBS nor NBC Show Teresa Kerry’s “Un-American” Accusation
• “Top Ten Signs Your Convention Speech is Boring”
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Overlawyered: Cerebral Palsy Turn Around:
July 27, 2004

"Michigan's Supreme Court overturned a $21 million verdict in the kind of case that made John Edwards the man he is today. The Court ruled 6-1 that the basis of the jury's decision in the original 1997 trial was faulty, because the expert witness testimony was faulty. Not that this means that the courts now recognize that cerebral palsy is rarely caused by birth injuries. Rather, the lower court failed to allow the defense an opportunity to object to the admission of the expert's testimony. (An expert that they maintained had 'novel' theories about the origin of cerebral palsy.) Still, it might be a step in the right direction toward correcting much that's wrong with today's malpractice litigation - 'experts' who aren't really experts."

Posted by MedPundit at July 27, 2004 08:56 AM | TrackBack "

PCRM's Seven (Of Many) Sins:
Posted On July 27, 2004

"Trial lawyer ringleader John 'Sue the Bastards' Banzhaf was there. So were Kelly 'Big Brother' Brownell and top food cop Michael Jacobson. As usual, Marion Nestle -- infamous for saying America has too much food -- was also among the nutritional nags who played starring roles in a Los Angeles Times feature on obesity warriors yesterday. And, of course, CCF was there, too, offering an oasis of sanity in a storm of obesity hysteria. But most notable was the inclusion of Neal Barnard, described simply as 'an advocate of low-fat eating.' The Times reveals next to nothing about Barnard and his Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), so we thought it might be useful to offer a PCRM primer. What follows are seven things you should take into account when you hear about this so-called doctors organization.---"

CCF Ad-vises Newsweek Readers: PETA's After Your Child:
Posted On July 26, 2004

"Marci Hansen, 'youth marketing manager' at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), recently complained to the Lowell Sun in Massachusetts that when it comes to her group's efforts to mold children into anti-meat militants, 'Parents are tough.' They're especially tough when, as Hansen concedes, parents see PETA's animal-rights creed as 'a stage, or a way to rebel.' And when your job is to go behind parents' backs to reach their kids, that job is tougher still. In our latest advertisement -- running in the back-to-school section of the latest Newsweek -- we ask parents: 'What is PETA teaching your child?' Click here to view this full-page ad, which exposes the violent and graphic materials PETA gives to children in a sick attempt to circumvent parents.

As we've told you before, PETA funds and operates an extensive campaign to bypass parents and indoctrinate their children. Parents should know---"